Colorado bankruptcy filings climb 12% in July

DENVER — Colorado bankruptcy filings increased 12% in July compared with the prior year, continuing a trend of increases dating back to December.

July filings increased in Boulder, Broomfield and Weld counties, with Larimer’s numbers declining, according to a BizWest analysis of U.S. Bankruptcy Court data. Numbers cited include all new filings, including open, closed and dismissed cases.

Colorado recorded 509 bankruptcy filings in July, compared with 453 in July 2022. Colorado recorded 522 bankruptcy filings in June.

Year-to-date filings increased 20% statewide, to 3,421 from 2,842 through July 2022. Individual bankruptcies increased 20.7% year-to-date, while business filings increased 3.8%.

Among counties in the Boulder Valley and Northern Colorado:

  • Boulder County recorded 20 bankruptcy filings in July, compared with 18 a year ago The county has recorded 143 filings year-to-date, up from 98 a year ago, an increase of 46%. Boulder County recorded 24 filings in June.
  • Broomfield recorded 10 bankruptcy filings in July, up from five in July 2022, an increase of 100%. Year-to-date filings total 31, down from 37 in 2022, a 16.2% decrease. The city and county of Broomfield recorded four filings in June.
  • Larimer County filings totaled 23 filings in July, compared with 30 a year ago, a decrease of 29.6%. Year-to-date filings total 206, up 29.6% from 159 a year ago. Larimer County recorded 26 bankruptcy filings in June.
  • Weld County bankruptcy filings totaled 39 in July, up from 35 recorded a year ago, an increase of 11%. Year-to-date filings total 297, up 35.6% from 219 through July 2022. Weld County recorded 53 bankruptcy filings in June 2023.